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Fall Golf Outing at Westchester Golf Course in Canal Winchester,Ohio

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Thanks again for visiting my site. Hopefully you have had a question or two answered, but more to the point, I hope I have made the case for booking a Highland Bagpiper for your next event. If your interest has been peaked, and you like what you have seen and heard, please do get in touch.

You can E-Mail me at thebagpiper@hotmail.com with your questions, requests, comments, or your Bagpiping needs. I check my e-mail at least once daily, and all correspondance will be responded to within 24 hours.

If your need is of a more urgent nature, and you are unable to wait for an e-mail response, I can be reached by calling 1-614-859-4643. In the event that the call rolls over into voice-mail, please leave your name, and a return phone number along with the date, time, and location of the event. If you have restrictions on the time I am able to respond with a call back, please state the appropriate time for me to call, in your message. This will prevent me from waking you up at four in the morning if your call isn't quite that urgent.

Make a Date with the bagpiper

It is best to schedule your event with me as soon as possible. This allows plenty of time to iron out all the details, and guarantees you the date and time you want for confirmation on my calendar. Weddings are usually booked from three months to a year in advance, and as you might expect, June and July fill up pretty quickly.

If you request a time and/or a date that has already been filled, don't worry. I work with a number of reliable, world-class bagpipers and drummers that I can contact for you, and save you the time and hastle of having to continue a blind search.

I should add, that these musicians are also available to perform with me, if your event requires a full band or something more than just one piper.

Paying the Piper

My usual fee for an event is $150. This is pretty much standard for Central Ohio. There are no hidden costs, and the stated fee is the same if you use my services for fifteen minutes or an hour and a half. An event is defined as one date, and one location per ninety minute time period. If you are planning a wedding and a reception, in most cases, that equates to two separate events. There are exceptions in rare cases. Feel free to inquire.

If you feel that your event may run longer than ninety minutes, I will need to know that ahead of time to prevent possible overlap with another event. If I am able to stay longer, I will, though there will most likely be an additional fee for the overtime. Again, there are always exceptions.

Methods of payment include check, money order, and soon, credit cards and paypal.

Travel time and mileage

I bring up travel time and mileage only because in some rare instances I may be required to travel out of my usual area to do an event. If that happens, I will discuss any additional fees before we reach an agreement, as I'm sure you would agree, nobody likes surprises. For the same reasons, any discounts or price breaks will also be covered prior to booking.

It's the little things

In most cases, when obtaining the services of a bagpiper, care should be given to ensure that all scheduling, cues, and itinerary are worked out prior to the event. I always plan to arrive at least thirty minutes early to go over such details with a pre-designated contact. A family member, the pastor, the music director, or even the best man can serve as the contact, as long as they will have the time available to run through the program with me to smooth out any last minute changes or bumps in the planning. Additionally, I may require a place to get dressed, and a private space for last minute tuning. Ideally, it would be an area or room, far enough away from your guests that they won't hear, or be bothered by the procedure. Lastly, if I am to play the pipes entering or exiting a building, I will need one or two designees to open doors ahead of me. A Bagpiper crashing into a doorway usually puts a damper on the over-all mood.

Life is like a box of chocolates

When you schedule your event, please consider that it is always best to limit actual performances to less than fifteen minutes at a time with a similar break period. It is always best to leave your guests wanting more. Remember, the Bagpipes are a powerful instrument, and as such, tend to limit conversation. Similar to chocolate, they are great a little bit at a time.


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