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Fall Golf Outing at Westchester Golf Course in Canal Winchester,Ohio

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F.A.Q. and Testimonials

(If you have a question you would like to see answered here, drop me a line at thebagpiper@hotmail.com. Your input is appreciated.)


Q: Are you really Scottish?

A: Yes, I am really Scottish. The Linn house, just 30 miles southeast of Glasgow, was built in 1107, and still stands today. The Linn's fought along side William Wallace and Robert the Bruce for Scotland's freedom with the Clan Boyd. The Scottish Clearances forced the Linn's to migrate to Dublin, Ireland, and eventually to the United States. They fought in the Revolutionary War, and settled in a place called Crab Apple Bottom, Pennsylvania. My Grandfather fought in the first world war in the Army. My Father and his brother served in the Navy during WWII. I was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and my sister's son, a Marine, served in Desert Storm. We have proudly fought in nearly every war this country has been involved in, and in every branch of service.

Q: What do you wear while playing the bagpipes?

A: The Highland Dress worn is special and uniquely selected to meet the needs of those requesting my services. There are three main divisions of outfits. Every detail is important, and whatever is worn, the look is always pressed and polished.

Casual dress is great for gatherings such as less formal outdoor weddings, parties, reunions, holidays, and golf outings. Topped with a Glengarry or Balmoral cap, a traditional Jacobite shirt, possibly accompanied with a chieftain waist coat, kilt, day sporran,sqian dubh and flashes. This is a lighter yet more historical bagpiper look. Click for photo.

Formal or evening dress is perfect for most formal weddings, dinners, concerts, corporate events, funerals, and memorial services. The less formal Jackobite shirt is replaced with a white dress shirt and black tie, with Dress Jacket or Prince Charlie Jacket and vest. The formal sporran and fly plaid completes the look. Click for photo.

Formal Military Dress is usually reserved for the winter months and is appropriate for all military functions, weddings, funerals, memorials and high end events. Consisting of Scottish Regimental Military tunic with Pipers Plaid and brooch, Scottish Officers Regimental Dirk and Military horse hair sporran with tassles and spats over dress black shoes. Topped with an ostrich feather bonnet this outfit is very impressive. Click for photo.

Q: What is worn under the Kilt?

A: Shoes and socks.

Q: What kind of Bagpipes do you play?

A: The quick answer is the Great Highland Bagpipes. You should know that the bagpipes have evolved to their current state over several thousand years. As a traditional Scottish instrument, very little has changed since the 16th century when they overtook the harp as the primary Gaelic instrument of choice. I play Gibson Bagpipes, primarily because I have never heard a better sounding set of pipes. Their tonal quality and overall sound is nothing short of stunning.



"My retirement ceremony and party was truly world class. Everyone loved the Bagpiper that performed for my retirement after 30 years in the
United States Navy Reserve.

Jeff's bagpipes were the added touch that made my wonderful ceremony pure magic. Everyone commented about the haunting bagpipe music. I would recommend Jeff Linn for any occasion. Referred to me by mutual friends, he called me back within hours of my inquiry.

He was dressed in full Scottish military kilt. He is tall already at 6'4" but, with his feather bonnet.and beautiful uniform he appeared to be over 7 feet tall, and he was a very impressive sight.

He listened carefully to my ideas and used his experience to help make everything work together. He seemed to know every nautical song I suggested. He arrived early for the ceremony and stayed late to play at the reception. The music was wonderful. I have already recommended Jeff to many of my friends."

Gail M Pellett
Master Chief Petty Officer (Retired)
United States Navy


Hi Jeff!

Thank you so much for taking part in such an important moment in our
lives. Your piping added so much to the event and helped to make our
ceremony that much more memorable! We received several compliments as to how wonderful you were, and how neat it was to hear you bagpipe!

Please keep us posted as to any public events that you are a part of, and
we will most assuredly come and see you!


Thank you for everything! Words just can't express how much Scott and I
enjoyed your piping and how special it was to us.

Angie and Scott Corney!



We had such a wonderful time at the wedding and the reception. I
have always imagined having bagpipes at my wedding, and when Brad and I first started talking about getting married a few years ago it was something we both really wanted. It was exactly how I pictured it! it couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you so much for making it so special for us!

One of my friends told me that she got goosebumps when she heard the
bagpipes as we were walking down the isle. A lot of people came up to me and told me how beautiful it was.

Thanks again for everything!

Ellen Hewitt

More Testimonials to follow.



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