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Funerals, Memorials and Wakes

I consider it one of my highest honors to be asked to perform for Funerals, Memorial Services, or Wakes. The solemn and emotionally powerful playing of bagpipes when a dear one is laid to rest is a tradition as old as the Highland Pipes themselves.

Grieving is always a difficult time for family and friends, though the bagpipes do offer solace to the soul and a comfort to grieving hearts like no other instrument can. It allows the healing process to begin by touching and releasing those deepest of emotions, beyond words, that only music can communicate.

The ancient view is that when the bagpipes are played in mourning, the pipes summon the loved one's ancestors to gather 'round in Heaven to welcome them home. This emotional sentiment is best summed up with the most often requested "Amazing Grace". Many services are concluded with the traditional farewell:"Goin' Home", played as the piper walks into the horizon and the music fades away in the distance.There are a number of other appropriate tunes that may be performed for these occasions and I will honor all requests that are capable of being transposed and played on the bagpipes. If you need assistance I am at your service.

I may be called on at any time during the service, including outside for arriving mourners, leading the procession for the final journey, and the graveside service conclusion. I can be available on very short notice and will remain sensitive to your needs.



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