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Bagpipe Music

The key thing to understand about bagpipe music is that it is comprised of only nine blasted notes. Literally. Any tune can be played on the Highland Bagpipe, as long as there are only nine notes in the piece. For that reason, some tunes you would expect to hear, sound a bit different when actually played.

It seems "Danny Boy" is always requested. Truth of it is that "Danny Boy" was never meant to be played on the pipes. The line in the song says, "Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...", and there it is. The song doesn't tell you what tune the pipes were playing, but I can assure you, it wasn't Danny Boy. The problem is that "Danny Boy" has a few too many notes to be able to play it the way you remember it. If it is requested, I will play a versiion, or variation of the song you remember, just keep in mind that it will be a version with only nine notes.

Being that this is a new site, currently I only have three music files available at the moment. I am recording other samples and will make them available as soon as possible. If there is a specific tune you would like to hear, please e-mail your request to


Music Clips available right now:

You can hear the music clips by left clicking over the tune title. If you prefer to download the file, right click over the title and "Save Target As" for your location and download.

Amazing Grace

Highland Cathedral

Scotland the Brave

More music clips in the near future.

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